Trenchless Installation of Water Lines

Looking for a company to install a new water line from the street to your home? Suffolk Water Connections installs new water lines with minimal disruption to your property. Horizontal Direction Drilling is the least invasive method with minimal excavating.

Another method to install water lines requires using a Pheumatic (air operated ) mole or missile tool. This method may require additional excavation.

Water Line Leak & Repairs

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? Maybe you are a hearing a hissing noise that may be due to a water leak. It’s possible that you have a water line leak on your property.

Water line leaks are generally caused by electrolysis or old galvanized piping. Pipes deteriorate over time causing leaks resulting in water damage to cesspools, foundations, basements. Suffolk Connections offers a free on-site inspection to determine whether you need a water line repair or replacement.

Water Leak Locating

Do you see or hear a water leak surfacing? Sometimes you may not even hear or see the water leak. Suffolk Water Connections uses the latest technology to locate water leaks on or near your property.

It is possible for sand or dirt to enter your water lines. Avoid possible contamination to your household plumbing.

Water leak detection is performed at an hourly rate. Please contact Suffolk Water Connections for the most up-to-date pricing.

Water Line Trenching

Suffolk Water Connections provides complete excavation / trenching services for the installation of new or replacement water lines or utilities.

Water line trenching is primarily used for new construction or renovated homes. It is the most alternative and economical compared to other methods. Trenching is the most invasive method used for installing utilities. Additional costs are necessary for the restoration of landscaping, topsoil, seed, driveway, sidewalks, etc.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) or Direction boring is a guided method of installing utilities.  This method of trenchless installation is the most desirable since it is the least invasive to your surroundings.

Horizontal Direction Drilling is used for installing water lines, conduits, communications, etc. This technique does not disturb your lawn, landscaping, driveways, sprinkler or irrigation system. Suffolk Water Connections follows proper protocols to ensure your safety, the safety or employees and the overall work environment.

Conduit Installation

Suffolk Water Connections installs conduits for electrical services underground, across roadways and driveways for telecommunications and control wiring such as security cameras, automatic driveway gates, outdoor power and communications to pool houses and sheds.

Suffolk Water Connections installs the underground piping for your home project. Electricians install and connect the actual wiring.