Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) or Directional boring is a steerable method of installing various pipes, water, gas and electrical utilities.  This method of installation under roadways, highway crossings and environmentally sensitive areas has the least impact to your surroundings.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for municipal and commercial water mains, gas mains, electrical conduits and communication networks. This technique does not disturb roadways, highways, established sidewalks and  landscaping. Suffolk Water Connections is highly trained in the latest electronic and drilling techniques. Employee safety and the safety of the overall environment is top priority.

Water Main Installation & Repairs

Suffolk Water Connections installs and repairs water mains for shopping centers, industrial buildings, strip malls, city and town municipalities, as well as government agencies.

Suffolk Water Connections will access the need for a new water line installation, replacement or repair. Depending on your situation, directional drilling,  pneumatic tool or open excavation methods may be used.

Wet Taps 3/4″ – 12″

Suffolk Water Connections (SWC) is licensed, bonded and insured in most of Long Island’s water districts.  The wet tap process allows us to make a tap in an existing live water main without interruption of services.

SWC is qualified and approved to meet all your wet tap and wet cut needs for live water mains. We provide excavating services or just install the water tap.

RPZ and DDC Valves

RPZ (reduced pressure zone valve) does not allow water from the consumers side of the system to enter the municipal supplier system. This valve will release the water into a drain pan to drain outside of the building. DDC (double detector check valve) does the same as an RPZ but does not release any water.


Suffolk Water Connections installs all size conduits for commercial or industrial electric and communications.  If you have an industrial building or commercial application, SWC handles the drilling and excavation across roadways and parking lots. Does your commercial business require street lighting or parking lot lighting? Suffolk Water Connections works with electricians and general contractors for a seamless installation.

Municipal Job Services

The Suffolk Water Connections team provides horizontal directional drilling, excavation services,  water main installation and repairs, wet taps, and conduits for general contractors and subcontractors. Commercial or municipal work is performed on various sites such as; well sites, schools, shopping plazas, medical buildings, parks and  playgrounds. SWC offers construction services primarily in Long Island.

Subcontracting / Assist Services

SWC provides subcontracting and assist services for small and large underground utility projects. Subcontracting services can be performed on a daily basis or a per project basis for municipalities and private companies.  Suffolk Water Connections offers the state-of-the-art equipment and technology.