About Frank Noto

Frank Noto is the Owner of Suffolk Water Connections. Frank has been in the water and utilities industry for over 40 years. Frank has learned the business literally from the ground up.

From working in the trenches installing water mains for municipalities, commercial and residential water lines from the street into your home or place of business, Frank knows and understands the importantance of handling your project using the least invasive and cost effective methods. He is trained, highly skilled and the company is fully insured.

Horizontal directional drilling is what Frank is widely known for and he was one of the first on Long Island to utilize trenchless technology for all utilities. Suffolk Water Connections has the right sized drill rig for your project at hand whether it is an 18” pipe across the Long Island Expressway or a 3/4″ water line to your home. Suffolk Water Connections owns all of the latest equipment for a seamless project.

Frank currently oversees all residential and commercial projects at Suffolk Water Connections, Inc. His philosophy is simple. Work hard, Invest in your employees & equipment and be honest with all clients and job proposals. Mr. Noto pays close attention to his surrounding when on the job. Over three decades, Frank has developed solid working relationships with Long Island water companies, homeowners, commercial businesses, contractors and town supervisors.

The mission of Suffolk Water Connections is to provide excellent customer service and exceptional on-site work ethic. Attention to detail and follow up with clients is critical to ensure a successful outcome on small and large projects.

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Frank Noto, Owner of Suffolk Water Connections